About us


Our company was founded in Paris, France, in 1958, and moved in Mauves-sur-Huisne, France, in 1967.

It changes its name to EMC (Européenne de Matériaux Composites) in 1996.

The Compin group acquires EMC in 2007, before selling it to BFG International in 2013. EMC becomes Noma Composites.

In 2018 Noma Composites is sold to MBD Technologies group.

Noma Composites’ assets are acquired in 2021 by an Americano-Armenian family group and the company is rebranded Noma TD.

Gender Equality Index

Our 2023 gender equality index is 92/100.

1- salary gap (en %)38
2- gaps in individual salary increases (% points)35
3- salary increase upon return from maternity leave (%)UNCALCULABLE
4- number of employees of the under-reprensented gender among the 10 employees who received the best remunerations5
Global score of the calculable indicators78
INDEX (over 100 points)92